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The Power of Teamwork and Partnerships

The first big event in 2019 was the CES Trade Show and this is the reason why my new article is published three days later than usual. I was in Las Vegas for three days, met business partners from all around the world and saw the latest trends and developments in AI and consumer electronics. The speed of progress and innovation happens at such a rapid pace that it’s really hard to follow. The conference welcomed the hottest tech trends including AI virtual assistants, next-generation wireless networks and connected cars. Companies unveiled thousands of products. Google and Amazon showed car accessories, alarm clocks, and speakers that can be controlled with their virtual assistants. Wireless carriers and chip makers highlighted 5G, the next-generation cellular network arriving this year in a small number of cities with data speeds so high that devices can download an entire movie in seconds. Surprising news came when a host of tech companies announced they were working with Apple to bring some of the company’s content and virtual assistant capabilities to their devices. The move is also notable because Apple opens its technology to other companies, including competitors like Samsung. A song comes to my mind from Bryan Ferry called Let’s Stick Together when he sings:

“Together we’ll stand, Divided we’ll fall

Come on now people, Let’s get on the ball, And work together

Come on, come on, Let’s work together“ 😊

Amazon’s Alexa technology made its way into car dashboards. Mercedes-Benz and BMW showed concepts of autonomous vehicles powered by artificial intelligence and 5G wireless connections. Smarter cars with features like built-in voice assistants to help people use maps, play music or get a sports update without taking their eyes off the road are available now. The battle among virtual assistants is warming up. Many of the smart gadgets at CES worked with multiple virtual assistants. You could see thousands of smart home products that work with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. The center at CES was the battle between virtual assistants Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant. Google erected an enormous outdoor booth to show off the multitude of devices that now work with an assistant, including smartwatches, speakers and displays. The company said a billion devices now work with its assistant, compared to 400 million from last year. Amazon had a large presence at the show, too. It filled a large conference room at the Venetian Hotel with dozens of products that work with Alexa, including an Audi car, a motorcycle helmet, and a stereo system. Also, Amazon announced that more than 100 million echo speakers have been sold so far, and with certainty, we can make a reliable forecast that the one billion marks of Alexa enabled devices will be exceeded very soon. So what conclusion can we draw for ourselves, for gigaaa AI Assistant from this? Well, very simple, we must build a large number of partnerships with device manufacturing companies and get gigaaa inside.

Yes, the message is: “gigaaa inside”!

The next days you will be able to download our logo, “gigaaa inside”, from our website and hopefully, by the end of 2019, you will see many million devices with a “gigaaa inside” sticker on it! This plan we made last year, but after the CES show it is obvious, that we need to increase the speed to build many more partnerships with device manufacturing companies to position our technology soonest possible and offer the market a strong alternative to Alexa and Google Assistant. I believe in the power of teamwork and the internet of partnerships. gigaaa has started to build several strategic partnerships with companies from Germany, USA, and Turkey and we will continue to do so.

The device integration is one thing, but even more important is the AI technology behind it. At the CES show, you could see many hundred different voice assistant solutions from a large number of big companies and startups. But regardless if you are LG, Sony, Panasonic or an ambitious startup company, it is almost impossible to make an international success if your voice assistant is not smart enough to understand more than a few-devices-related list of commands. People are already getting used to asking the loudspeaker: “What’s the weather” but also “Turn up the light in the bedroom” or “I need a Taxi”. Devices with voice assistants that will not be able to cover a deeper understanding of language and deliver most of the services we are used to getting from Amazon and Google, have no chance of surviving in the long run and for most of the voice assistants we saw at the CES show it will be “what happened in Vegas, stays only in Vegas”. But how can a small startup like gigaaa compete with giants like Amazon and Google? The answer is, the biggest benefit of AI will turn out to be good teamwork. Previous years we have seen individual algorithms doing things better than individuals. And now is the time for building partnerships and collections of algorithms which are starting to collaborate on complex tasks. The AI team performance will quickly outdistance counterparts that only work with own developments. That’s where gigaaa has a great chance to do things better than Alexa and Google Assistant. Talking about chance lyrics from Abba come to my mind when they sing:

“Honey I’m still free, Take a chance on me

Gonna do my very best and it ain’t no lie

If you put me to the test, if you let me try“ 😊

The epicenter of the world’s economy has shifted as technology-driven companies take over entire markets. But that’s just the beginning. Tech companies are already using their advantages in AI and data to reach beyond their traditional markets into entirely new ones. No company is safe from AI drove disruption and we’ll see this trend continue to accelerate the coming years. If companies are unable to adapt to the new digital world where AI and machine learning reign supreme, they will be gone faster than you can imagine. And that’s where gigaaa offers the alternative to Google and Alexa to join forces and build true, smart conversations and create more efficient processes for all kind of purposes. We have started to prepare templates for all kind of verticals like: Art, Beauty, Books, Business, Cars, Comics, Communication, Dating, Design, Developer Tools, Drinks, Education, Efficiency, Entertainment, Events, Finance, Fitness, Food, Games, Garden, Graphics, Health, House, Kids, Magazines, Medical, Mobility, Music, Navigation, News, Newspapers, eLearning, Lifestyle, Parents, Personalization, Photography, Photos, Productivity, Social Networking, Shopping, Sports, Travel, Utilities, Videos, Vehicles, Weather, Work, Alarms, Clocks, Aviation, Referencing etc.

Now you might ask yourself why have I listed all these categories? Well, because I want to show you how many opportunities there are to build a very specialized smart assistant with a conversation of deeper understanding by picking only one single topic and make it really super smart. This is why I believe that gigaaa with many thousand strategic partnerships will offer intelligence that will, in the beginning, compete with many other AI systems, but in a long run, it will offer the smarter solution for all kind of topics. This reminds me of a song by Frank Sinatra called Fly Me to the Moon when he sings:

“Fly me to the moon, Let me play among the stars

Let me see what spring is like on A-Jupiter and Mars“ 😊

Join the gigaaa community and let´s build together super smart solutions. We are looking for partnerships. Take a look at our website, send us your message and let’s talk about how we could work together. In my next blog, I will talk about the next level of Artificial Intelligence, when instead of a buzzword development offer real benefits for consumer and companies will be offered.

Have a good time. See you next week.

“Life is gigaaa!”