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The Next Level of Artificial Intelligence

While reading tech news over the last months I have got an impression that media and so-called experts present a wrong picture of what AI is today and what it will be in the future. It’s really funny to see how people call all kind of technologies artificial intelligence. Suddenly speech recognition is AI, voice assistants are AI, relational databases become AI and the most stupid way of explaining AI is showing hardware devices or a talking robot which should represent the magical AI. This reminds me of a song from Freddie Mercury called You don’t fool me, where he sings:

“You don’t fool me those pretty eyes, That sexy smile you don’t fool me, uh

You don’t rule me you’re no surprise, You’re telling lies hey, you don’t fool me” 😊

Today I will try to explain several developments that represent the next level of AI progress for the coming years so that hopefully nobody fools you in the future with false AI definitions. When you try to picture what AI will be like, just forget about hardware or devices. You should no longer associate AI with futuristic robots and self-driving cars, but rather productivity tools and predictions to help everyday menial tasks. AI is software and it operates devices, but the biggest benefits are optimized processes and personalized information. AI has started to enter real-world applications and already today it is outperforming humans in many domain-specific tasks. AI will bring much-needed help, backed up by more knowledge and experience than any single human could bring.

Personalized Information

With the high standard of personalized digital experiences set by Amazon and Google, the industry has acknowledged the value of personalized information. As customer expectations increase, enterprises will need to keep up by using machine learning and AI to offer a personalized experience beyond the first impression. Now comes the age of super smart services. Companies will let AI do the work for them, which will, on the one hand, replace millions of jobs. But it will also help people at all levels of an organization to do what they do in a more efficient way, which will open up new opportunities and many new ways to work. It will teach employees how to use systems in the best possible way by, providing a range of possibilities and alternatives based on individual needs. We will see companies using AI to train AI. This will help companies get one step ahead of consumers’ rising expectations. It will add an extra layer of predictability, allowing organizations to see patterns and gain insights from IoT devices and past consumer behaviors. This will make supply chains smarter, leading to faster, more efficient production and fulfillment. The result will be happier customers and improvement of the lives of billions of people. It will help people for example to lead healthier lives.


For healthcare, AI offers a truly transformational opportunity, especially in the area of virtual care. Virtual care is the digital future and the next iteration of the industry. AI will play a major role in this transformation. For example, complex algorithms can parse patient information, helping to direct them to the most appropriate level of care. For personalized digital therapeutics using voice, video AI technology will help accelerate the shift of the point of care from the hospital, to the patient, wherever they are. At home, at the job, at your holidays‘ hotel, just wherever you are. Voice assistants are advancing in a way that will make online interactions simpler and more effective; and smart systems can gather patient allergy, prescription history and health information to support safer and more effective prescribing. With AI tools in the hands of providers and healthcare organizations, the digital experience will enhance the patient-provider relationship. It will be used for predictive analytics for disease management, to workflow enhancement in all possible fields of medical treatment as well as administrative and financial purposes that bring operational efficiency.

Subscription Economy

Today, we don’t own movies or music anymore. We subscribe to Netflix or Spotify. With AI it will be easy to share products and make money with your devices. AI coupled with biometric ID handles authentication and authorization. Most people won’t need to own anything. We will simply subscribe to services like housing services, food services, transportation services, furniture services, clothing services. This is called the Subscription Economy. gigaaa AI Assistant technology will accelerate the end of ownership. Instead of owning products, we simply subscribe to them. Already today our gigaaa AI Assistant technology turns every manufactured product on the planet into a connected ‘smart’ product. With “gigaaa inside” you can make any device smart like consumer electronics, cars, scooters, washing machines, coffee makers, thermostats, etc. You can rent things out, as people log in and pay per usage. Simple, cheap, you only pay what you use!

In-store shopping

AI will help elevate in-store customer experiences. It will be used to help stores elevate customer experiences and build loyalty in ways that were previously impossible. When customers shop online, they often receive personalized recommendations and offers. Retailers have tried in the past to use beacon technology to enable the same level of personalization, but beacons are largely considered a failure because they require specific app downloads. This problem will be solved by AI-trained face recognition algorithms. Customers identified by face recognition programs will gain numerous in-store benefits including personalized discounts, white glove service and shorter waiting time. Retailers will finally be able to offer customers the same level of personalization in stores as online. I don’t know why, but now I got a song from Mariah Carey and Busta Rhymes on my mind which goes like:

“Baby if you give it to me, I’ll give it to you

I know what you want, You know I got it” 😊


With AI, cities will understand their urban mobility ecosystems in order to build much more efficient transportation systems throughout urban areas, since today’s cities are primarily focused on severe challenges such as traffic, pollution and lack of parking space. With AI, cities will have far better visibility into the root cause, which means inefficiency of movement in urban areas. Understanding how people are moving in urban areas, from where to where, when, by which means of transportation, and understanding why — that’s the core that will allow cities to build more efficient mobility, reducing our need to move around, encouraging people to move together, and creating multimodality. In order to get there, cities will need insight into such data, and AI is precisely the tool that will enable such visibility, fostering prediction capabilities and action points to significantly improve the way we move.

Higher Education

You will see AI used more in higher education as institutions continue their digital transformation journey and tend to appeal students’ preferences for adaptive, engaging learning experiences. Universities and professors need to meet students where they are at online. As Gen Z is fully integrated with a digital era, their learning preferences will reflect differently than generations before them. Using resources with AI components such as AI teaching assistants, online courses and writing centers will be used more frequently across campuses.

No matter what the media tell you, AI will be everywhere in the background, where you even don´t expect it. This is only six areas I have mentioned, but I could go on with another sixty-six so that it is clear and simple to understand that we will see AI in any kind of technology and any area of life. For some reason a song by Jack Radics comes to my mind called No matter when he sings:

“No more cage, no more rage cause I’ve turned me a brand-new page, Much better, don´t matter

And I’m free to be me and as far as I can see, Much better, don´t matter

It don’t matter cause life has never been better. No not ever, life has never been better” 😊

Next time I will talk again about how your gigaaa AI assistant will help you get the biggest possible benefit out of the connected world to make your life better and more fun.

Have a great time and see you next week.

“Life is gigaaa!”