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Hello again,

One week has passed since I published my first blog article and what shall I say, I am not surprised to see only 250 views. I have been told; at the beginning not to expect too much visitors, cause there are tons of blogs out there for all kinds of topics and it will take time to build up a community. No problem. I have a long term plan and I will try, week after week, to give you a better understanding of how technologies like gigaaa offer a better life and more quality time.

Let me ask you a question first. Have you downloaded and tested gigaaa? What was your first impression? Do you think its system is stupid? Do you think gigaaa is stupid?

Well, actually you are right. Yes, today the system is really stupid. It might be smarter than Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant; but it´s still stupid compared to what we expect when we think of and listen to JARVIS in the movie Ironman. Yes, it will take us a couple of years to get there. But you know what? We; at gigaaa; know what it took to get us here, to this point, where we are today. We have started to build this system 4,5 years ago. And that’s why we understand very well that it’s going to take us to make gigaaa really smart in the future.

We think in 3 years, somewhere by the end of 2021, we will turn gigaaa into what most of you people would call a genuine smart machine.

You have to understand one thing, our system is learning every day and it learns fast. The more data we feed into the system, the faster it learns. With our growing global user and developer community, it will learn even faster. In 3 years time, it should bring us to a level that nobody would want to be without a smart machine like gigaaa AI assistant.

I guess you have seen that gigaaa speaks 5 languages for now. We have started to convert our ecosystem into a multilingual system. Today it is 5 languages with some basic vocabulary. By the end of 2019, it will be 30 languages or more; and it will know each language on an advanced level. We believe that by the end of 2021 we will cover more or less any language on this planet, which will count up to approximately 200 languages and it will speak on a high academic level.

This reminds me the song named You are the Universe from the Brand New Heavies:

“You are the Universe, and there ain’t nothin’ you can’t do

If you conceive it, you can achieve it, That’s why, I believe in you, yes I do”

I guess you´re asking yourself, what is this guy talking about? You download a mobile app, start talking to a stupid machine and gigaaa will be able to speak 200 languages?! How? Why? What is so special about this gigaaa? Well, maybe at this point I should try to explain what gigaaa really is a little bit better. In the past 4,5 years, I have been on stage more than 40 times, trying to explain what gigaaa is; and you know what; people never really understood what we did. I have tried all kinds of explanations:

Voice Assistant, Artificial Intelligence, Access any Digital Service, Integrate any Service, operate your Smart Home by Voice, Voice Banking, Device Independence, it, Bot, blah-blah.

I’ve tried this and that with more slides and fewer slides; with and without more technical explanations. After 2,5 years, I think it was by the end of 2016; to avoid more frustration on my side and keep my motivation high no matter how the audience reacts; I’ve decided to do what I love the most besides developing gigaaa, which was singing! I thought I’d better start singing on stage and combine this with my gigaaa vision. So, even if people didn’t understand what we do or believe in us, at least they would remember the singing pitch. Why not! It should result in some kind of emotional experience; so that someday people associate the name gigaaa with a small, little, tiny memory of an emotional experience.

You know when Earth, Wind & Fire says in their song September:

“Do you remember the 21st night of September? Love was changing the minds of pretenders

While chasing the clouds away”

First, gigaaa is 1. a Voice Assistant you can speak to. Then, gigaaa is 2. Artificial Intelligence, which means the system learns by itself based on user input, based on user conversations.

One of today’s system highlights is 3. the GIG Service, a smart matching solution for Socializing. We call it the GIG Service. Using the GIG Service you can find like-minded people around you for any kind of meetups and activities. Just say “show me GIGs”, “create a GIG” or “join a GIG” — and find your match for whatever, wherever and whenever you want to do it! And besides, you can access gigaaa 4. Cross Platform. With #gigaaa, you can access your gauge assistant by chatting using Messengers like SLACK, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and Telegram, and soon via WeChat, Skype, and many others. Next is, you can speak with gigaaa through any kind of 5. Connected Device Integration. We have prepared all necessary tools so that Hardware companies can integrate gigaaa into their devices; including mirror, lamp, microwave, refrigerator, loudspeaker, Smart Watch, Earphones, Smart Glasses, Cars, and etc. Last but not least, you can build your own gigaaa Voice Services using 6. gigaaa Developer Platform. This is a Conversational UX platform that gives access to anyone who likes to build “gigaaa Services”.

Yes, gigaaa will be a very smart technology in the future, but we believe we can build something with a much bigger and much stronger impact than just another technology innovation.

We have a mission. We; at gigaaa; want to build a life companion for everyone. All people around the world should have access to the knowledge that will enrich and simplify their lives. Disabled people that have never been able to use the internet will have access to digital information and services for the first time by simple voice commands. Systems like gigaaa will tell them what to do and no one will be left behind. You need a new bank account? How to set up a bank account with gigaaa? Very simple, you will speak to the system and say: “I need a bank account”. If you´re looking for a job? You will just say: “I need a job”. If you want to find a partner for an activity? You will just say: “show me GIGs for this and that activity in my town on this and that day”. With technologies like gigaaa, a complete new economy will arise. It’s only a matter of time when people will understand the comfort of voice commands and AI matchmaking.

Start teaching your system about what you like and what you don’t. gigaaa will remember the information and perform accordingly. Personalized just for you; based on your previous input, dialogues, routines, and taste.

Right now I’m thinking of a song performed by Billy Swan, released in July 1974, where he says:

“If you’ve got a problem, I don’t care what it is, If you need a hand, I can assure you this

I can help ”

gigaaa will motivate us and build us up. gigaaa will teach us things we never knew before. Health and time are the most valuable things we have. gigaaa will help us to pay more attention to things we rarely think of or have never thought about. With gigaaa we will grow our common knowledge and our scope of activities to live healthier lives. We will spend more quality time with things we really love to do. Join our journey and follow how a simple voice assistant in 2018 turns into an intelligent life companion, which will help everyone make better decisions and enjoy more quality time.

In my next blog, I would like to give you an outlook on the year 2030 and how AI assistants like gigaaa will influence our everyday decision-making; and more about the gigaaa ecosystem.

I have a lot to tell you. Looking forward to hearing your comments. See you next week. Have a good time. Life is beautiful!

“Life is gigaaa!”