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Happy Life with AI Assistants

We are all living high-speed daily lives. Our calendar is fully booked with so many activities. The strange part is — we do not use the time we gain through technical inventions or digitalization to relax. Instead, we rather engage with more and more activities.

High productivity and our hunger for more activities lead to time pressure, to which we react with additional acceleration as we act faster, we talk and run faster than before. We leave out pauses or fill outbreaks with new activities. We replace slow actions with fast ones and eat, for example, fast food instead of cooking for ourselves. We do several things at the same time (multitasking). In addition to this high tempo, a lot of people do not do sports. And what is the outcome? For example, in Germany, the number of mental illnesses has risen by 70 percent over the past ten years. Wow! We better start thinking. We must act before it gets too late.

There is a song from 1986 called Everything She Wants by Wham and George Michael sings:

“Somebody tell me, Won’t you tell me

Why I do the things that I do? 😊

So, the question is, how can we solve this in the future and live a healthier and happier life? Before we answer that, we must ask ourselves another question — what actually makes us happy? Simply ask yourself a question — “What makes me happy?” Yes, our work can be a big part of our happiness if we love our work, but we usually know what else makes us happy. But what about if we are tired, bored, stressed, sad, or maybe even depressed? Then there is a lack of inspiration and we need someone to help us get up and tell us what´s best to do to become happy again. We need ideas and recommendations, something like feel the sun on your face, watch some funny YouTube videos, do something for others and help somebody, listen to your favorite songs, listen to the rainfall, have a tea or coffee, cut the grass, eat some chocolate, do something active outdoors such as bike ride, run, country walk, cook some fresh food, play with your dog or cat, get a massage, take a power nap, do some exercise, etc. The Beatles made a song in the 60´s (a song I guess everybody knows) and it goes like:

Help me if you can, I’m feeling down

And I do appreciate you being round

Help me, get my feet back on the ground

Won’t you please, please help me” 😊

In the future, when there is a lack of inspiration and you need someone to help you, well, you will speak to your AI assistant. It will know what makes you happy because you told it so many times in the past. You will just say “make me happy”, “inspire me”. You can tell your AI assistant “tell me a joke” or “show me fun facts”. Or you could say “play my Happy Song playlist” or “play my favorite movies”. Some people get happy with shopping and others with a donation for people in need. Some people prefer to listen, and others want to speak. Most people get happy by doing things together with others. And what do you do when you got nobody to join you? Right, you also speak to your gigaaa AI assistant and use the GIG Service. You just say:

“create a GIG for activity, place and time” or you say, “I would like to join a GIG for activity, place and time”. You can read more about our GIG Service in my last month’s blogs.

And the beauty of this service is that matches happen in real-time. In case there is no match available, your AI assistant creates matches within minutes by proactively approaching your friends. If you prefer the other way around, you instruct your AI assistant to make easy for people to find you, if you are open for ideas and suggestions for activities initiated by your friends.

Happy life comes with so many different things. We get happy when we fix problems and we all have many problems to take care of. For example, if we have a problem with our bank, insurance, mobile network or energy service provider and need assistance to solve it. Today we call a hotline and wait like ages to get someone on the line to answer our questions. Most of the times we get mad about hotline services. Very bad assistance causes frustration, and it´s more or less always a big waste of precious time.

AI virtual assistants will make this part of life easier, too. Customer Service or Customer Support managed by AI assistants will lift the service quality to a level we have never seen before. Here a couple of benefits you will get as a customer:

The machine is always online and ready to answer your questions with 24-hour availability. It´s programmed to answer in real-time. Instant answers for any kind of question. Everyone always gets reliable information, which means consistent answers. Misleading or false advices will be impossible. Recorded answers and safe track record, because it remembers the conversation. In case something goes wrong, you can always track your earlier conversations. As soon the problem is identified, it knows what to do and executes immediately with instant transactions. Humans sometimes lose their patience, but machines have endless patience and it is ready to wait for your feedback as much as needed. Machines perform multitasking, so if needed it can initiate hundreds of new actions and transactions to solve your problem in a fraction of time.

Not only customers will enjoy greater satisfaction speaking to an AI assistant. Companies will also benefit in many ways offering AI assistants to their customers. In the first place, it improves customer satisfaction. All the benefits above will result in increased customer satisfaction which can lead to increased customer advocacy and sales. For growing the customer service department companies don´t need to hire and teach new employees. AI assistant solutions have an unlimited scalability with minimal additional expenses. It´s easy to roll out more services handling more and more complex queries. Increased customer interaction and sales, reaching new customers, gaining a deeper understanding of customers, will help companies grow their business and improve its products and services, so after another problem is successfully solved, customers and companies will feel like James Brown singing:

“I feel good, I knew that I would, now

I feel good, I knew that I would, now

So good, so good, I got you 😊

AI personal assistants will change the way we live and there will be huge advantages by using AI assistant technology to enjoy a happier life. Next time I will talk about how gigaaa AI assistant will affect our mobility. Join the gigaaa community. Follow our weekly blog, because I have a lot to tell you.

Have a good time and see you next week.

Life is gigaaa!”

“I feel it coming, I feel it coming, babe

I feel it coming, I feel it coming, babe” 😊

Well, one thing I am telling since years, the end of smartphones is coming within the next decade and the biggest victim will be Apple. This decline is just the beginning and 2018 will be remembered as the year when Apple reached their peak revenues, profits, and market valuation. From now on be prepared to see declining values, so that Apple is likely to see more dark clouds in the coming years. Fewer smartphones and more other smart devices you can speak to will conquer the markets. Your AI assistant will become the next technology you will set up to manage your day and you will access it through all kind of connected devices like watches, earphones, glasses or smart home devices like mirrors, loudspeakers or microwaves.

We at gigaaa believe that AI assistants will replace smartphones. That´s why we have started implementing gigaaa AI assistant with a couple of devices like a smart mirror, a smart loudspeaker, and a smart bedroom clock. Within the first quarter of 2019 we will present first prototypes to the market and continue integrating with many more devices this year. World leading market research company Gartner estimates that 30% of our interactions with technology will be through conversations with smart machines by the end of this year. Now, one in six U.S. adults owns a voice-activated smart speaker or device and that number will continue to rise as well. Voice Assistant Technology is the future of business. When you think about voice technology right now, you think about simple smart home tasks. You think about how easy it is to send a text or play your favorite song. This year you will see businesses to be driven by these Voice Assistants. Speaking to Alexa for business will be as natural as doing something yourself. Voice Assistant technology will free employees up to work on more important things like anything that addresses customer’s needs. This new form of communication, in conjunction with other technology, will push businesses further than ever before. The best part about Voice Assistant technology is you don’t have to wait to use it. Large corporations are beginning to see the benefits of it and are making moves to make it a part of their business. Recently, Microsoft and Amazon formed a partnership to integrate Cortana and Alexa to better serve their customers and enhance their productivity. Amazon already has a current partnership with Logitech, which allows Alexa to be used in various vehicles on the market. Voice Assistant technology has opened a huge list of opportunities and many organizations are already taking advantage and gaining a competitive edge in the market. Anyways, be prepared to see many many devices coming to market you will be able to speak to. Devices from Amazon, Google and from gigaaa, too. I just got the lyrics on my mind of a funky song from 1981 performed by The B. B. & Q. Band called On The beat when they sing:

“Are you ready or not, It’s only up the street

Everybody’s dancin’, And everybody’s on the beat” 😊

Another big trend you will watch, social media as we know it the last 15 years will change very quickly. People are more aware of how important real friendships are compared to hundreds of fake friendships on Facebook or other social media channels. We must admit Facebook & Co separated us from each other. Don’t you think that Facebook is a lazy friendship? It is so much easier and with more quality if you stay in touch with a handful of people you love keeping in touch with. On top of that, you lose your privacy, your data is shared with companies that pay for collecting personal information from users’ profiles. Do you really want companies to use your data and do business with it? Is that the social media tool you will go on using in the future? People live in a competition to prove their life is better or cooler than anyone else’s. Why would you spend your time looking at the lives of other people instead of living your own life? Why wouldn’t you speak with someone personally to learn about their life?

What kind of friendships do you want in your life?

Be honest with yourself, wouldn’t you agree that meeting truly good friends makes happier than receiving a hundred likes from people you actually don’t care about? This reminds me of a song by Foreigner called I WANT TO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS when they sing:

“I’ve gotta take a little time, a little time to think things over

I better read between the lines, In case I need it when I’m older”😊

Setting up a gigaaa AI assistant account and using our GIG Service will offer you a whole new experience to connect with your friends in a much smarter way, more creative, more active, time-saving processes to set up your next GIGs, events or dates. You will learn the new comfort way of how to organize your time with people that really matter to you. When will you set up your first AI assistant account?

The shift in social media and more connected devices you can speak to. This is only two of many more changes you will see in 2019.

In my next blog, I will talk about other changes you can expect this year and give you a picture of what to expect from gigaaa in the future to bring further value to your social life.

Have a successful 2019. Stay tuned and see you next week.

“Life is gigaaa!”