gigaaa - your new life companion

gigaaa ― Your New Life Companion!

“In the next decade, every person on the planet will have an AI Personal Assistant. We will no longer use smartphones”. Yes, this is my statement. My name is Dragan Alexander Stevanovic and I am the founder of gigaaa.

You might think that I must have been smoking something when I said that. But you know what? I didn’t say this in 2018. No, this is my statement from March 2015 at CeBIT Trade Show in Hannover-Germany, more than 3 years ago. That was when I got the chance to present the gigaaa story for the first time on stage. When I explained this, I’ve said it out of my absolute deepest conviction and gigaaa technology should lead to it.

Besides gigaaa another passion of mine is music and singing. So, don´t be surprised if my stories have a lot of song lyrics, because as soon as I think about certain topics, lyrics come to my mind and they just fit. A weird habit, but what can I do, it just happens.

Let me start with some lyrics from Nat King Cole saying:

“When I fall in love, it will be forever”

Now, after more than 4 years of product development, we, the gigaaa team, can present a system which we believe it will define the next technological leap after the Internet and smartphone. When you start using gigaaa for the first time, it will become your new life companion. “gigaaa AI Personal Assistant” serves as a central control unit for everyday life, a companion that satisfies all the needs of digital life, while being independent of devices and location, so that you can talk to your Personal Assistant wherever you find a connected device. You can request any kind of service as if you would speak to a personal butler. Whether you want to book a hotel room, order food in the supermarket, check your bank account, call a taxi, open your garage or front door, turn the lights on or off, turn music up or down, activate or deactivate the alarm system, find friends for joint activities or simply find suitable events in your city. gigaaa´s Artificial Intelligence learns every day from the spoken dialogues and keeps adapting itself its user over time. Today, the system provides answers to many types of questions, it can ask questions or make suggestions. But the special thing about gigaaa is; that it learns with every new Input, it learns more and more every day. And the more you use it, the better it becomes.

Every user can teach the AI assistant about personal preferences, interests, habits or routines and gigaaa adapts to it all. The cloud-based system can be operated from any device, whether smartphone, smart loudspeaker or wearable device. It is always automatically synchronized, and each device is at the same, updated level of knowledge. With its scope of digital services, gigaaa describes a new development leap in the field of Artificial Intelligence suitable for mass usage.

Looking back a few years and remembering the beginnings, it was so much harder to convey our vision than it is today. How to make a future technology successful, when nobody could imagine how it should look like in people’s everyday lives? During the first months of 2014, when we presented our vision with pitch decks and were trying to explain what we wanted to do, nobody believed that our project was achievable. People would stop listening after a few minutes because they either couldn’t imagine a voice assistant replacing virtually all the apps and devices you know today or because they couldn’t handle the flood of information associated with such a topic. We described that there will be no smartphones in the future because every device will be intelligent. We said we won’t need app stores anymore, because every intelligent device can directly access millions of service providers without an intermediate station or broker portal. We declared that everyone will have an AI Personal Assistant that can be accessed anywhere, through any device, at any location. We explained it will always be the same, old AI Personal Assistant you will talk to. At home, via the mirror in the bathroom, the loudspeaker in the living room, the refrigerator in the kitchen, the unmanned taxi, the cinema display, and many, many other connected devices.

I remember a good song from Stardust saying:

“Oh Baby, I feel like, the music sounds better with you”

Today, almost 4.5 years later, everyone knows how Amazon Alexa performs. People can easily imagine how such a Voice Assistant for anybody could look like. We, the gigaaa team, have developed our system in the meantime up to a level for which we believe it offers a solution in helping people bring more quality to their lives. We firmly believe that our AI Personal Assistant will conquer the international markets. The gigaaa Ecosystem enters the first markets, and we want to implement it with the greatest possible momentum. So our technology lead is focused right from the start on a consolidated and leading market positioning.

I have a lot to tell you and I would like to take you with us so you can follow the gigaaa story right from the start with our market entry in Germany, Turkey, and Egypt, and many more markets to come in the following months.

To finish with one of my favorite songs, from the Queen,

“Don’t stop me now I’m having such a good time

I’m having a ball

Don’t stop me now

If you wanna have a good time just give me a call”

For questions don’t hesitate to write us at

The future has already begun and it’s coming faster than you can imagine. Welcome to your gigaaa AI Personal Assistant.

“Life is gigaaa!”