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gigaaa ― Your Bodyguard and Gatekeeper

How AI assistants like gigaaa will help your everyday decision-making and why will this technology become a gatekeeper that changes the entire global economy? How will people use AI personal assistants or how will you use gigaaa in the future? Well, it’s easy to throw theories at people and talk about something most people have no idea about. But let me try to give you a better idea with simple examples from everyday life.

Can you imagine traffic without human drivers, passenger planes without pilots, where you just enter a vehicle and you don’t even need to give an instruction where to head to, because your AI assistant already communicated this with the system of the service provider? It knows your addresses and your destinations. It knows where your home is and your sports club. It knows your schedule and your next meeting. Yes, that’s how in the future machine to machine will interact on your behalf, so that everyday life becomes more comfortable. Your AI personal assistant will take care of your repeating tasks and actions because it knows your routines, your taste, and preferences. It knows what you accept and what you don’t accept, what you are interested in and what you don’t like at all.

Your alarm clock plays some good mood music in the morning at the time it already calculated for you to be up, so you manage to be in time for your first meeting. You walk into your bathroom and it already displays the urgent messages in the mirror if you want them to be displayed like this. Then you can change the display and say: “show me last nights NBA and NFL results” or “any news from Claudia? where is Thomas today? “and it displays all the information you need in the mirror.

It shows you the weather outside and the traffic with the estimated travel time to get to your first appointment. It will call the unmanned cab to be in front of your door with exactly calculated time to destination. When you need an appointment from a doctor you just say: “make an appointment with Dr. Bloom on Tuesday afternoon” and your AI assistant will do the rest. It will manage your calendar and keep you informed about all the appointments you have. It will remind you when needed and it will recommend how to move an appointment to another day in case you want to take a day off for friends and family. This will make your time management free from any kind of stress and pressure.

It automatically starts the coffee maker and as soon you enter the shower, it knows the water temperature you like, and your towel is cooled or heated based on your preferences.

You will say: “Show me my news” and it knows that you´re not interested in politics. It shows the latest messages you received and the news topics like economy and sports. Within sports, it shows you only like football and basketball because you don’t care about baseball or boxing. It will automatically filter your preferences. It knows what you don´t like to know in the morning or what you prefer to see and read in the evening. When you order food, it knows to give you a selection of tasty meals by taking your gluten or hazelnut allergy or your lactose intolerance into consideration. Your AI assistant will manage your food supply, your refrigerator, and your diet plan. It will communicate in parallel with your refrigerator and your grocery store. As soon your orange juice or milk is used, it automatically orders for the next delivery. It knows the quantity you need, and it never orders too much. You don´t need to store food over a longer period because information exchange happens in real time and it´s delivered every day if needed. That’s how you will always have fresh food at home and nobody needs to throw away food anymore.

When you go shopping, it knows what you want to buy, knows your favorite brands, colors, it knows your sizes, your styles etc. When you enter the shop, your selection is already displayed in the screens showing you the way to the right spot. Your AI assistant has already communicated with the shop system and it shows in the display all information about each available piece of clothes it recommends you to buy.

This sounds more like a man´s shopping assistant, right? Hehehe, and all the ladies that love to shop for hours and hours without choice and destination will sing the Backstreet Boys song “Quit Playing Games” when they sing:

“Deep within my soul I feel, Nothing’s like it used to be

Sometimes I wish I could turn back time, Impossible as it may seem

But I wish I could so bad, baby”

When you need to travel somewhere, you just say: “book a trip to Amsterdam with the cheapest flight and a 3-star hotel in the city center”. As it knows your preferences it books for you your preferred airline, your preferred hotel chain with preferred bed size, view, extras etc. It considers your loyalty programs cashback rewards and books the best deal for you. It only asks you if there are two or three options you might want to choose from because of different benefits.

One of the biggest benefits we will experience with AI assistance is health. Imagine all the problems we have because we forget to sleep, we forget to drink enough water, we drink too much alcohol and we don´t move our body enough. Imagine all the health issues we have because of the wrong decisions at the wrong time. Our AI assistant will always calculate millions and millions of context parameters and analyze the consequences for our health. It knows the correlations between our body and for example sugar, proteins, minerals or any kind of ingredients. If we care about our health, we will teach it to give us recommendations what needs to be done to avoid a headache and pain, to avoid medicine that’s bad for us and eat or drink too much of things that damage our body. And even if we ignore the recommendations and damage our health, it knows to give us advice on how to recover the fastest way possible.

It always calculates risk and tries to protect you. It tells us when to sign and what kind of insurance for our trip, for new products and services, for our health. Instead of insurance policies for everyone, there will be personalized insurances just for us. Healthier people will pay less as the machine knows that risk of accidents and damages is smaller, then prices automatically go down.

Before you spend money, it will tell you how your spending and your budget looks like. It will take care of a health economy based on the limits you have set.

Socializing will have very high quality as well. It will make suggestions who to meet, when to meet, what kind of activity to join or to initiate. You will say: “I want to play tennis on Monday evening” and it makes suggestions based on your friends with the same interests. You will ask: “who is throwing a party on Saturday night?” and it shows you matches considering who you really like to share your time with. And not to forget, the AI system will keep away messages and people from you, that you don´t want to invest your time for. Spam has no chance to get through to you. People sending chat messages you are not interested in will be filtered, so that you will not waste your time for things that today waste our positive energy.

Probably the biggest benefit is, it saves you so much time, especially for repeating actions. There are so many things we do day after day in the same way, repeating the same action again and again, and that’s where the machine can easily take over and give us back the time to do something else instead with more quality and fun. To be able to use all the benefits of this kind of assistance, your AI personal assistant needs to get to know you. It all starts with talking to gigaaa. Start teaching the system about yourself, save what you like and what you don’t like. The more you teach it, the better the recommendations and predictions will be. There is no hurry to teach your system, but the sooner you start, the earlier you will be able to test the benefits in your daily life. One song just came to my mind from George Michael when he sings about Freedom. He sings:

“Freedom! (I won’t let you down), Freedom! (I will not give you up)

Freedom! (Have some faith in the sound), You’ve gotta give for what you take”

You might ask yourself, but what about privacy? You don’t want to share your private data with the world. Well, that´s a very big and very important topic. With AI assistant technology your private data always stays your data. It´s not shared data, it always belongs to you and the technology protects you from sharing personal data with wrong people and systems.

This reminds me of one of my favorite songs from Jamiroquai — You Give Me Something, when he sings:

“You know now, you give me something

Something that nobody else has got”

I love this song. So funky! Sorry, too much music on my mind right now.

In my next blog, I will talk about why gigaaa protects your private data and why business models like Facebook have no chance to survive in the future because people do not want to give away their privacy anymore. I have a lot to tell you. See you next week. Have a great time. Life is beautiful!

“Life is gigaaa!”