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A New Era Is Beginning

A new era begins, and the world is changing faster than ever before. We are all very busy, full calendar with many errands, so we don’t even notice how quickly things around us change.

I just traveled to Russia, Egypt, and Turkey and I see things I didn’t see last year, which is only 12 months ago, but it feels like things have changed extremely fast. We are living in a time when suddenly Russia and Turkey are more advanced than Germany and France. You ask yourself why is that? Well, here are a few examples. Because of cashless payments, because of online taxi services, because of online booking or reservation services. It’s hard to believe, but once you spend 3–4 days in Moscow, Istanbul or Cairo you understand why in these cities so many people use taxi apps like Uber, Yandex, BiTaxi or Gett. Using digital services in those countries feels like being in the USA, unlike Germany and France, where you have no access to these services because of regulations and law restrictions. Mobility feels more comfortable if you simply push a few buttons, you know the price in advance and don’t need to deal with cash, that’s how countries from which you don’t expect that have better services than those used at home.

That reminds me of a song by Imagination from 1982 it´s called Illusion, when they say:

“Could it be a picture in my mind, Never sure exactly what I’ll find

Only in my dreams I turn you on, Here for just a moment then you’re gone

It’s just an illusion

Talking about cash, I wanted to test something and didn’t change one single Euro to local currencies and you know what? It worked perfectly. You don’t need to worry about checkouts in Egypt, Turkey or Russia, because almost every station accepts credit cards and digital payments. In Germany and France, they use cash, like in the 80’s or 90’s and many stations just say: sorry we don’t take credit cards.

So, what I would like to say, the digitalization has made big progress in countries you don’t expect it to, but not in countries you would. Sweden is the best example of how fast a society can change with cashless payments. At two out of three places where I wanted to pay with cash, they just said: sorry we don’t take cash anymore. I thought to myself: Wow, didn’t see that coming. But people in Sweden already adapted to it, because it’s convenient. Sweden is expected to become the world’s first cashless society by 2023. Of course, it needs various factors to get there such as a reliable card payment system, strong internet infrastructure, mobile payment apps, supportive legal framework etc., but as we can see, things are changing very fast.

But there is also a world where 85% of the population has no bank account yet. It’s called the unbanked. In Egypt for example still 85% of the people have no bank account and the reason is simple. A bank manager told me: if you have no income, you cannot open a bank account. So, if you have never been to school and you don’t know to read, you just don’t know where you can get a job, and if you have no job, you have no bank account and the entrance is locked. That’s unfair and very very sad.

But a new era is coming. The time of smart assistants will lead the path to cover with only one registration all the basic needs for an organized daily life. You will find a job, you will get a bank account and you can learn whatever you were always wishing to learn. The radical changes can be compared with progress in countries that earlier had a very small percentage of telephone landlines. But today these countries are covered with fast Mobile Networks and people use Smartphones with 4G connections. It gives them not only a clean sound, but it also gives them free internet calls around the world. On top of that, they get Digital Wallets with digital payment solutions, so that after not having a landline telephone, they just jumped over that technology level and entered the latest one with all its benefits.

When I think of Jump, I have the Criss Cross song on my mind when they sing:

“Jump jump

The Mac Dad will make you jump jump

Daddy Mac will make you jump jump

Kris Kross will make you jump jump

You might be wondering what does all of this have to do with smart assistants like gigaaa? Well, very simple! The technology leap with AI assistants in the coming years will be bigger than anything else you have ever read or experienced in history. Technologies like gigaaa AI personal assistant will be like a one stop shop for all the things you need to organize your daily life. Systems like gigaaa have smart matchmaking solutions that can be used for all kind of purposes like jobs, buy and sell second-hand products, dating, smart payment solutions, cashless payments, and much more.

Most people have no education because there are no schools, or they can’t afford to go to school. They have no access to knowledge and information and so they remain excluded. They don’t have a chance to learn the necessary knowledge or how and where to find a job. But technologies like gigaaa will give access to basic information by simple voice command. You will be able to say, “I need a job” and it helps you find the right information source. You will ask, “how can I make money” and it will make an interview with you to help you connect with the right people and information. There will be very a simple onboarding to set up an AI assistant and to organize daily life with it. The connected world with AI assistants will be the beginning of full employment because the AI assistants will find jobs for us. It will find jobs, but also tell how to create jobs for others. A whole new economy will arise because of this technology. Blockchain will also be part of that progress, but that’s another topic I will talk about another time.

You might say, I don’t care about the unbanked. You want to know what’s in it for me because I have a job, I have money and I’m looking for ways to improve my quality of life. Well, then try for example the GIG Service with your gigaaa AI assistant and it might become your new life companion very quickly. gigaaa voice assistant combines the power of AI with social networking. With gigaaa you will boost your social life and give yourself more quality time. You will find like-minded people around you for any kind of meetups and activities. You just say, “show me GIGs”, “create a GIG” or “join a GIG”, and find your match for whatever, wherever and whenever you want to do! You can find a partner for any kind of GIG. If you want to make new friends or connect with your existing friends. You just create a new GIG and invite friends, or you join other people’s GIGs for any kind of activity whenever you are up to it. The time with swiping left and right based on pictures without background information will be over soon. Finding like-minded people with a simple voice command, that´s how we will plan our social life. Just thinking about a song by Barry White when he sings:

“My first, the last, my everything

And the answer to all my dreams

You’re my sun, my moon, my guiding star

My kind of wonderful, that’s what you are

The new era has started, and our system is a part of that new era. gigaaa AI assistant is born. It started learning and it learns faster every day. It has great potential to become your new life companion. It is still in development mode and always will be. Building up intelligence is endless. Don’t be disappointed if the system does not perform the way you expect it today but be prepared to follow how fast gigaaa learns and how much it will improve the quality of your life. Join the gigaaa community and follow our story. Next time I will talk about how you will access your AI assistant through any connected device and many messengers like Slack, Skype or Facebook Messenger. Have a wonderful time. See you next week.

“Life is gigaaa!”